Board Members

Karl Nicholas, President

Karl is a trained chemist with an MBA from DePaul University working with global manufactures as a project manager for developing new lightweight composites.

Jeanne Norris, Secretary

Jeanne is a retired teacher and collaborator in community efforts including Friends of Phillips Park, the Midwest Literary Fest, the Aurora ArtWalk, Louche Puce Market, Culture Stock,  Cultural Creatives, the Harry Potter Fest and the Fox Valley Music Foundation.

Kyle Reeves, Treasurer

Kyle is an artist and recent transplant from New York City.  He owns and operates a vintage audio restoration business a few blocks from downtown in the West Boulevard District.

Vicki McCoy

Vicki is an Aurora-born local realtor with a long history of participation in and support for the arts in  Aurora.

Karen Nicholas

Karen is a teacher and supporter of local arts and culture. Her particular interest in children’s issues was evident in her programming at Culture Stock.

Dan Jeremy Brooks

Dan Jeremy Brooks writes music, often for reality TV shows, especially the parts where people are yelling at each other in the kitchen. Also, he will never break, never lie down, never bend for anybody. He’s with you now . . . until the end.

Nick Chaney

Nick spends his days working in a public library as a Reference Librarian. He then spends his nights at movie theaters. He clearly has a thing for public places where talking is shushed.