Subscribe to Aurora Film Society

Subscription Information:

Admission to the film series requires a yearly subscription.  Seating at this venue is limited;  in order to guarantee seats for all subscribers, single tickets are not available at the door.  The subscription model also helps us understand our revenue stream and appropriately budget for venue rental and film screening rights.

AFS offers two subscription levels  for yearly membership and admission to monthly film screenings.

Basic ($40) – This level grants the subscriber AFS membership and one admission each month to film screenings for the 2019 season.

Poster ($80) –  This premium level  provides  the subscriber with one limited-edition movie poster per month in addition to the benefits of the Basic Level for the 2019 season.  Posters are designed by local artists and are signed and numbered. If you have the means, this is a great way to help support the society financially.  Years from now, your AFS poster collection will be the envy of all.

Aurora Film Society subscriptions are nonrefundable; however, they are transferable. If a subscriber is unable to attend a particular screening, the ticket for that screening may be shared with a friend.

2019 Schedule:

The King’s Choice – Jan. 17 and 24

Bringing Up Baby – Feb. 21 and 28

Black Orpheus – March 14 and 21

The Damned United – April 18 and 25

Run, Lola, Run – May 16 and 23

Stranger than Paradise – June 20 and 27

The Conformist – July 18 and 25

Dancer in the Dark – Aug. 15 and 22

Le Samourai – Sept. 19 and 26

Nothing but a Man – Oct. 17 and 24

The General – Nov. 14 and 21

Joyeux Noel – Dec. 19 and 26