AFS ‘On Our Screen’ Presents: “Fresh” [1994 / Boaz Yakin] – December 21st

The Aurora Film Society brings “Fresh” to the screen at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum on December 21st at 7pm.

Fresh (Sean Nelson) is a 12-year-old drug dealer who finds himself trapped in a web of poverty, corruption and racial tension in Brooklyn, New York. When his drug-addict sister Nichole (N’Bushe Wright) starts sleeping with local drug lord Esteban (Giancarlo Esposito), Fresh calls upon the skills he learned playing chess with his alcoholic father and speed-chess champion Sam (Samuel L. Jackson) and devises a complex strategy that will free both himself and his sister.

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Check out our ‘Virtual Movie Club’.  We’re discussing “Lumumba” via Zoom at 7pm on December 28th.


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