AFS ‘Virtual Movie Club’ Presents: “Pascali’s Island” [1988 James Dearden 104 m.] – May 23rd

The Aurora Film Society Virtual Film Club brings you “Pascali’s Island” for our May 23rd discussion.  This film is now streaming on various platforms (free & paid).

Basil Pascali (Ben Kingsley) is a Turkish secret agent who has spent years in the service of the Ottoman Empire. As Turkey’s power wanes, Pascali is left to operate largely on his own. However, things change when he is assigned to work with English archeologist Anthony Bowles (Charles Dance) and artist Lydia Neuman (Helen Mirren) in planning the heist of a Greek artifact. As Pascali becomes more involved in the scheme, the plot takes some surprising turns.

-Google (Unknown Author)

We invite you to join us via Zoom on May 23rd at 7pm for analysis of “Pascali’s Island”.  We have added a link in the pulldown menu under the Virtual Movie Club button to make it easier to participate in our discussions every month.

Check out the selected films for our theatre screenings too.   Join us this month for “The Fall” and bring a friend who loves movies!

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