AFS ‘Virtual Movie Club’ Presents: “Hell Or High Water” (2016 – David Mackenzie) – January 25th

The Aurora Film Society Virtual Film Club brings you “Hell Or High Water” for our January 25th discussion.  This film is now streaming on Prime, Hulu, Vudu, and Apple TV.

Toby is a divorced father who’s trying to make a better life for his son. His brother Tanner is an ex-convict with a short temper and a loose trigger finger. Together, they plan a series of heists against the bank that’s about to foreclose on their family ranch. Standing in their way is Marcus, a Texas Ranger who’s only weeks away from retirement. As the siblings plot their final robbery, they must also prepare for a showdown with a crafty lawman who’s not ready to ride off into the sunset.

-Google (Unknown Author)

We invite you to join us via Zoom on January 25th at 7pm for analysis of “Hell Or High Water”.  We have added a link in the pulldown menu under the Virtual Movie Club button to make it easier to participate in our discussions every month.

Check out the selected films for our theatre screenings too.   Join us this month for “Brother From Another Planet” and bring a friend who loves movies!

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