AFS Virtual Movie Club – “We Once Were Warriors” (2018 – Thomas) – February 23rd

The Aurora Film Society Virtual Film Club brings you “We Once Were Warriors” for our February 23rd discussion.  This film is now streaming on Prime.

An unemployed Maori living in the Auckland slums, Jake Heke (Temuera Morrison) has a terrible temper that he takes out on family and strangers alike. His wife, Beth (Rena Owen), takes regular beatings after he’s been at the pub, and his kids do what they can to sidestep trouble. Nig (Julian Arahanga), the eldest, is joining a street gang; Boogie (Taungaroa Emile) has been placed in a foster home; and Grace increasingly retreats to the pages of her journal.

-Google (Unknown Author)

We invite you to join us via Zoom on February 23rd at 7pm for analysis of “We Once Were Warriors”.  We have added a link in the pulldown menu under the Virtual Movie Club button to make it easier to participate in our discussions every month.

Check out the selected films for our theatre screenings too.   Join us this month for “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” and bring a friend who loves movies!

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