AFS Presents: Season 2 of the Virtual Movie Club (April – September 2021)

Aurora Film Society presents

Starting last year, the Aurora Film Society was pleased to curate a selection of widely accessible and important films to watch and discuss with your fellow film lovers.

Due to the positive response each month, we’ve selected a whole new batch of films for the next six months!

Each month we’ll tackle a different film and encourage ongoing discussion across our many social platforms (Facebook, comments on the website, email) and we’ll incorporate those discussions into our live Zoom meeting on the third Wednesday of every month.

At the start of every month we’ll post a page on our website dedicated to the film for that month (including details about the movie, where to find it, and a link to that month’s Zoom meeting). Watch the film at your leisure, and then join us around the internet to talk about the film all month long!


drugstore cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
directed by Gus Van Sant

Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story (1953)
directed by Yasujirō Ozu

a most violent year

A Most Violent Year (2014)
directed by J. C. Chandor

The Americanization of Emily (1964)
directed by Arthur Hiller

talk radio

Talk Radio (1988)
directed by Oliver Stone

night of the hunter

Night of the Hunter (1955)
directed by Charles Laughton


Film Zoom Meeting date/time
Drugstore Cowboy 04/21/21 @ 7:00 pm CT
Tokyo Story 05/19/21 @ 7:00 pm CT
A Most Violent Year 06/16/21 @ 7:00 pm CT
The Americanization of Emily 07/28/21 @ 7:00 pm CT
Talk Radio 08/18/21 @ 7:00 pm CT
Night of the Hunter 09/15/21 @ 7:00 pm CT


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  1. Oh, and Drug Store Cowboy has too – Roger Ebert loved it so much that I remember reading his *review* of it (even though I’ve yet to see it).

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