AFS Virtual Movie Club Presents: SHAMPOO




Live Zoom discussion: 11/19 @ 7:00 pm (CT)

“Well, maybe Nixon will be better…”


Where can I watch?

Criterion Channel (free w/ subscription)
Amazon Prime Video (buy/rent)

What’s it about?

SHAMPOO gives us a day in the life of George (Warren Beatty), a Beverly Hills hairdresser and lothario who runs around town on the eve of the 1968 presidential election trying to make heads or tails of his financial and romantic entanglements. His attempts to scrape together the money to open his own salon are continually sidetracked by the distractions presented by his lovers—played brilliantly by Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie, and Lee Grant (in an Oscar-winning performance). Beatty dreamed up the project, cowrote the script with Robert Towne, and enlisted Hal Ashby as director, and the resulting carousel of doomed relationships is an essential seventies farce, a sharp look back at the sexual politics and self-absorption of the preceding decade. (

When is the live discussion?

Date: 11/19/2020
Time: 7:00 pm (CT)

Meeting ID: 864 9261 7213
Passcode: AFSrocks!

What if I don’t want to (or can’t) participate in the live discussion?

No worries! That’s why we have a comment section down below. Leave your thoughts on the film down below, and get the ball rolling. We can’t have a discussion without YOU. Whether it’s during the live Zoom meeting, the comments down below, or even around our social media pages.

Do you have to be a member of the Aurora Film Society to participate?

Absolutely not! During these hard times, we want to connect with as many film lovers as we can, which is why anyone is welcome to join us discussing these films while we are operating online.

I just like to chat about movies I watch. Do you have a place for that?

Wow. I’m so glad you asked. One of our board members set up a chat server for this specific purpose. It’s a Discord chat server, and if you follow this link:, you’ll be taken to an invite page. If you do not have a Discord account, you will need to create one (it’s free!). Fair warning, if you have never used Discord before, it looks a little… archaic. But It’s very intuitive and simple to use once you see it in action, and you have the option to download the Discord app on your phone or desktop to easily access it anywhere!

Discord invite link.

Is there really somebody asking you questions, or are you just asking yourself questions in one of those pseudo FAQ gimmicks?

I love your curiosity! That’s exactly what the Aurora Film Society needs. Your insatiable thirst for meaning in this crazy world makes you a perfect fit in this growing film community.