2019 Subscriptions Are Available!

We are now accepting subscriptions for the 2019 film season. This year, in addition to subscribing at one of our events, you can also subscribe via Paypal!

Paypal Subscription Option

Subscription Types
Scheduling Groups

Here’s some more information about the options:

  • Subscription Types
    • Basic: This subscription entitles you to one ticket to every screening each month.
    • Premium: This entitles you to the basic subscription benefits plus an original numbered movie poster containing original art with every movie.
  • Scheduling Groups
    • “A” Group: This is the first viewing group of the month, typically on the 3rd Thursday.
    • “B” Group: This is the second section viewing of the month, typically the 4th Thursday.

Viewing Location

We host screenings at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum located here.


If you are unable to use Paypal or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact info@cityoflumos.org.